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        Ozy is genuine, intuitive, calming and very honest. She put me at ease as soon as I met her, like many people I had some reservations before I went but after 5 mins with her that was all forgotten. She has helped me immensely with readings (which are very accurate)and healing. She has a genuine caring nature and is a natural at what she does - for someone so young its pretty amazing.  Big thank you xxx
Dion M

I came 6 months ago I was told I will settle get married very quickly and that 2014 major changes will happen and Ozy kept asking me what the Jamaica flag would mean to me what I had no idea?  I actually laughed as I have been single for a long time and I had No contact with Ozy then 6 months later I called to tell her I met my now boyfriend who proposed to me on Christmas eve and  that he has a surprise holiday booked for us in 2014 to JAMAICA!!


I have suffered with anxiety for a very long time so much so if affected my day to day living terribly when I was recommended for a healing session by a friend I did not in a million years believe it would help me but I can tell you my anxiety has not completely gone since I went to Ozy but I am now living my life to the fullest and can actually go onto a train what I would never been able because of the anxiety and have just booked my first holiday! Ozy knows how grateful I am she has magic hands and my life has changed since I met her I believe in healing now and their really is alternatives to medicine we just have to believe and let the energy in to heal I am so glad I met Ozy she really is one in a million.

Julie Harris

I have been looking for a good psychic for a very long time I was shocked how accurate this girl was and now have stop looking I call Ozy on a regular basis on the telephone and its as if I am their with her! I am now a regular client for the last 6 months the readings and healing sessions defiantly have made a positive impact on my life

Elizabeth E

I am normally very sceptical of psychics and did judge Ozy I have to admit as she looked very young this was nearly 18 months ago and I speak to her every single week from the day we met not only is she my psychic, my healer I class her as a good friend  she helped me through my hard times.


Ozy recommended spiritual healing at my last reading I actually had it done yesterday with no expectation of feeling anything straight away iv come away completely shocked I felt the difference almost immediately I could feel everywhere she was healing even though ozy didn't actually even touch me,i feel lighter and so uplifted am coming next week for my second session and cannot wait x

Jenna Karl

Am so shocked with my reading yesterday i reccomened this girl to everybody out their she has the gift no doubt about that

Anna Gold

Im a skeptic on supernatural Ozy has made me believe life after death most certain of that she told me a story which only me and my beautiful mother only knew about..God bless you ozy xxx 

Jackie A

What a fun day me and girls had with ozy really made my birthday extra special thank you oz x

Sam H

Definitely spreading the ozy fever around London! Thanks hun ill see you again soon if i can help it


I was told my great grandmothers name and my great great nans name  which i didn't even know what the names meant to me at the time of my reading until i contacted a family member who confirmed this, i was left amazed and things have only been getting better since my reading I was shocked as to how accurate the reading was.