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I’m now giving monthly classes on how to meditate I will show you how to ground and root yourself then how to cleanse and purify this art of meditation will change your life including health and mostly mentally you will be so much more calmer it’s quite possibly the best choice in life I give one on one classes or group classes if you go to sections I have given the date I’m starting I look forward to seing you all in class.
God bless.

I myself had a kundallini awakening back in October last year it was a very hard time as it’s so unheard of I struggled to find anyone who had gone through this amazing experience if anybody has had an awakening please do get in contact with me I would love to hear your experience I was fortunate enough to have my guides that work alongside me to help me through this amazing rare experience now I am on top form and using my Kundallini energy the right way however This is something I want to look more into I do not think there is enough information out there for people so let me know how you dealt with your major life changing spiritual awakening.

You always know when you meet your twin it is quite possibly the most amazing experience you will achieve in your life time it’s also very confusing to entering the unknown we all need a helping hand with a situation like this! Look no further I am THE master of fixing a TwinFlame situation nothing can or will faze me I will give you my upmost energy to help you get back on track that’s a promise.

Christmas present idea!
if your looking for an unusual present for a loved one look no further you can buy your loved one a reading I can book them in on a day or time at your convenience either with a surprise call from myself! Or simply a gift card so they can book whenever they want they wil not be disappointed.

Cancer for life run!
If many of you know me I'm not the fittest of the bunch(physically) I decided to take part in my first marathon it was only 5k I'm so glad I did this not only do we raise money to fight against cancer I got fit whilst training & already signed up to my secound run(10k)(help!) every single person taking part makes a huge different so please help us stop cancer once and for All you can go to:
Race for life|Cancer Reasearch UK for more info.